Green holiday cottage

location_gite_tours_H1Touraine welcomes its first eco-lodge – an initiative supported by the Gîtes de France®, which aims to develop rental apartments environmentally friendly approach.

A “Hosting Environmental Qualification” (HQE ®) is a label Gîtes de France ® accommodation designed or restored using techniques or materials recognized as having a low impact on the environment, from its construction to its deconstruction. This concept relies on notions of economy, ecosystem and bioclimatic. It focuses on the origin and nature of materials used that are systematically sought from those derived from renewable resources, from short production cycles, less energy and less polluting potential.

HQE ® promotes the well being of users through better control of pollution. It aims to improve the quality of life by taking into account the location and the technical and architectural solutions implemented and seeks to minimize health risks.

GDF_logo_sans_ombreEcological, our house does not forget your comfort with a 4 star rating Gîtes de France4 épis Gîtes de France


The renovation of this house was made by focusing on renewable energy. Renewable energies are inexhaustible – unlike fossil fuels such as coal, oil and uranium. These are:

  • solar thermal (solar hot water)
  • solar photovoltaic (solar power)
  • wind energy (wind farms)
  • energy water (hydroelectric dams)
  • biomass (eg wood burning)
  • geothermal energy (eg heat pumps air / water).

Our ecological approach

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Built for several years